Kaer Maga Factions

The Duskwardens

Responsible for the tunnels of Kaer Maga, both clearing them of creatures, and mapping existing and new tunnels. They also provide escort through the tunnels as needed. They are well respected by all of Kaer Maga.

Arcanist’s Circle

A collection of wizards and mages who perform magical research and craft magical items both as general sale, and also new prototypes.

The Ardoc Family

This family of golem-crafters rules over the Bis region of Kaer Maga. To be in this faction, you must be born into it, or marry into it, though those without magical ability are seen as not much better than common citizens in their eyes. Their methods of rule and power maintenance are mafia like.

The Freemen

This is a faction of people who wish for freedom and democracy to all. They often seek out slaves and free them, and also freely welcome any freed slave into the group, regardless of history. While at a truce with slave owners currently, this faction is often at odds with the mercantile groups of the city.

The Commerce League

Originally established to standardize the market and maximize profits for everyone, they have become a white-collar mafia. Despite their shady dealings, the do uphold their original principles for it’s members and investors, and squabbling within this faction is rare.

Kaer Maga Factions

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