The Godsmouth Heresy

Either called as a follower of Pharasma, sent from one of the factions of Kaer Maga or lured by the promise of a secret mission and reward from a poster in an inn somewhere in the world, you find yourself in the great city of Kaer Maga to find out more about this mission. You are told to arrive at midnight in the Bottoms district to meet with your contact from the Church of Pharasma, who will tell you more of this job.

House Rules


1. Only Core Rule Book Races, Spells, and such please! If you want something from another rule book, ask and I will let you know if I approve or not.
2. NO Animal Companions! (They won’t like where you’re going anyhow)
3. Please put your sheet up on the site! At least your base stats, more if you have the time.

Game and Combat

1. All combat actions will be timed. The time limits will be 5 seconds to start telling me what you want to do and 30 to complete the action unless I permit otherwise for PLANNED complex actions. If you do not meet these time limits your character will take no action that round.
2. Know your special abilities. You will not be permitted to use an ability if you need to look up something during your combat phase.
3. All rolls must be completed in plain sight on the table. No electronic rolling.
4. All player HP totals will be tracked in plain sight on the whiteboard. This will allow healers to know who needs healing instead of spending time during their attack phase asking who needs healing.
5. Have fun!

The Godsmouth Heresy

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